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Would lift any recovering patients spirits, ANY DAY! Show up at pool night and BREAK THOSE RACKS! CHROMED OUT BASE, BLACK BRUSHED COATED STEEL SHAFT, and RUBBER BASE.

BLACK 8 BALL TOP. 46 inches long Struttin' Fun Party Cane.


Regulation Size 8 ball on top! PURE LOL! 24/7/365 on any LEVEL, of ANY TOWN!


Amazing Quality Product! Huge Impact Gift! This Pimp Cane with The Fish in Top IS OVER TOP HILARIOUS! Life of the Party, Right On Time. Cane brings joy will seem magic...'cause it will disapear if not watched! 


Shipping Info: Must ship seperately in 4 foot long box. Extra shipping charges may apply with combination orders. Some size restrictions may apply to outside USA orders.

Not recommended as a walking aide... but strong enough.

Pimp Cane Stick - Black Eight Ball Top

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