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EDGE PIMP COSTUME - Pink and Snow Leopard
Fits: Most Sizes Small to Extra Large


Soft, beautiful color in Pink. SOFT, BABY, HOT PINK, Amazing shimmering fabric color looks better in person!

Wore this Costume with my lady one Halloween, we couldn't walk 10 feet without a picture being snapped! True Taste of Micro Celebrity Status. LOL! Wear this to any event, and you will find out what it feels like to be THE MAN IN PINK! Ladies, so much fun to PIMP YO SELF TOO! 


Includes: Hat Choice, Coat ( with pocket ), Pants, plus a Featured Gift!

Features: High Quality, Soft and Moveable Faux Fur, Velvet and Lining. 100% lined coat, pants, hat. Coat has pocket with robe closure, you can loop in front or back. Pants are elastic waist with belt loops. Hats are one size fits all with comfort. See Desired Hat Page for Specifics.

Sizing Info: Easily Altered Product. Most of You will pull it out of the Package and be Ready to Go! Sizing based on Mens. If you can wear a XL sweat shirt or smaller, the Coat should fit. Pants will fit up to 46 waist, in most cases. Extra Materials available to your order, if you feel alterations or customization is needed.

Washing Info: Machine Wash and Dryer with Cold and Care.

Shipping Info: Ships out fast with free tracking. Quality Controlled. Est. 4 lbs.

Excellent value that's made for party functionality and fun!
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Please see our FLOW COSTUMES if You are a Bigger Sized Pimp, have any doubt you can fit, or just dig that style more. AVAILABLE IN COUPLE COMBINATIONS.

  • Manufacturer: Halfshaq - PimpHats.com


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